Amazing news you are considering to join Bonaparte. This page gives a short overview of what you can expect. However, nothing at Bonaparte is mandatory. You show up when you want to! We don’t do hazing of some sort. So why not drop by? If you are ready to join, fill out this form or drop by on an evening!

Advantages of membership

Making friends

Bonaparte is a small but active society consisting of about 40 active members. If you are looking for a new group of diverse friends, then don’t wait. We have members from diverse nationalities, political backgrounds and with many different studies. Everyone will find someone with similar interests!

Participating in activities

As a member you can join all Bonaparte activities. This includes our weekly session with drinks and debates. Moreover you can join tournaments, social events and workshops. If you want to know more, look here!

Skills for life

Debating is fun, but super useful as well! As expected, you will learn to address big groups and come up with smart responses on the spot. Most of us also find it empowers us in writing as well. Actually it is logical, structure and framing are also used in written media!

Especially for new members

Open Evenings– You are always allowed to visit our evenings, but at the start of the year we host our open evenings. Here you will get extra explanation on debating and there are many other new people!

First years weekend– In October/November this weekend is organised, and it’s a blast. WE don’t do debating, but get to know each other in a very laidback weekend with games, drinks and firesides.

Beginners workshops – Get to know the basics of debating at the start of the year. After the open evenings we host four sessions and afterwards you are ready to beat some of the older members! Read more here.