External Tournaments

Bonaparte members attend tournaments in the Netherlands and abroad, all members are welcome to express their interest in any tournament. There are opportunities to join almost every weekend, the global debate calendar is accessible here.

Tournaments organised by Bonaparte

Amsterdam Open

Amsterdam Open is one of the biggest British Parliamentary tournaments in continental Europe with around 200 participants. It is organised in late November or early December. The tournaments have had Chief Adjudicators (CAs) who later went on to become the CAs of European and World Championships. All of the info about the tournament is always released on Facebook.

The Bonapartian Debate Tournament (BDT)

The Bonapartiaans Debat Toernooi is a legendary originally Dutch-language tournament in the American Parliamentary format taking place in February. In 2022 the tournament will host an additional track in English. The tournament info is published on Facebook.

NK Eloquentia

The Dutch Championships in the Eloquentia format are hosted every year by ASDV Bonaparte, usually in June. Every year the tournament has a newly invented format testing the speakers’ ability to present themselves eloquently.

Internal Tournaments

At Bonaparte, numerous tournaments are organised just for the members. Every year there is a beginners’ tournament and an internal tournament. Additionally, some years there are friends and family, alumni, thematic or other tournaments.