Hire Bonaparte

Welcome to the overview of our workshops! We offer workshops in both English and Dutch on all subjects and skills related to debating. If you want to discuss the possibilities for a workshop of ASDV Bonaparte, please email info@asdvbonaparte.nl

One of our trainers, Axel, during a workshop.

Our offer

Debating is a multifaceted activity, requiring many different skills. As a result, we as Bonaparte can give a wide variety of courses on debating, public speaking and writing.

The most widely used course is the starter course for debating, where the focus is on the principles of debating. You learn the basics of presentation, argumentation and the format of debating in about two hours. Naturally we leave enough time for practice in addition to theory.

You can also request specialised courses, in which we discuss debating techniques in more depth. This way we can give a dedicated workshop on presentation, argumentation or speech writing.

Are you organizing a debate with a large group? We can make this work too! You can hire us as the moderator of the debate. We help with the preparation by providing some advice on the format and the motions. During the debate, we ensure everyone has their say and that the right content is exchanged.

Especially for high school debating groups, we can also come to judge debates. In this way they receive feedback from experienced debaters who are regularly present at school tournaments.

Most importantly, we strive to shape the courses to suit your needs. We like to invest time and effort in providing content that is tailored to your level and knowledge. Therefore, we will be in contact with you about your wishes and aims prior to each course.

Two debaters preparing during a debate

Why Bonaparte?

Our instructors hold weekly debates on a competitive level at tournaments and at our debate evening. They are not only experienced, but also still enjoy debating. They are prepared for the training sessions by attending their own training sessions. In addition, they are assisted by experienced members.

Bonaparte also has a much lower price than our competitors. For 2 hours we charge 150 euros per course participant. If you purchase more courses or come from an institution with less financial means, we can give you a discount.

With your purchase, we can help the association move forward. It allows us to invest in our own social activities and debate quality. This means that your money will benefit a large group of students, and that is also a nice bonus.