What we offer

Debate workshops

In this workshop attention is paid to all aspects of debating. In about two hours the basics are discussed. Besides theory there is enough room for practising ofcourse. In case your group consists out of experienced debaters, then we will adjust the theory and practices accordingly.

Specialized workshops

A wide range of skills are needed while debating, we can focus specifically on óne of them. We’ll go in dept while we’re practicing the targeted skills. Examples of specialized workshops are:

Structured writing
Writing speeches
Leading debates


Will you organize a debate for a large group? Then you can also hire us so that we can lead the debate for you. We will help you to prepare and will also give advice on which format and motions suit the debate. During the debate we make sure that everybody get’s the opportunity to contribute and that the right insights are being exchanged.


Especially for debate groups consisting of high school kids we also offer the opportunity to let us judge the debates. In doing so, they get feedback from experienced debaters who also regularly attend high school tournaments.

Want to book us for a course?
We are happy to adapt, so if you have any requests, please ask us. If you’d like to book a course, please email info@asdvbonaparte.nl. Then we’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss the content.