Our Tuesday evenings involve:


Come sit at the bar and order a drink. Many Bonapartians do not debate every week and just come for fun. We always have someone behind the bar who is in for a chat!


We have two or three rounds of debating per evening. If you want to participate, you can sign up on the evening when you arrive.Each round round takes about an hour including you’ll preparation, debating and the results.


Do you want to discuss the rise of Groenlinks or FvD? Curious how the other members view the democratic primaries? Even after the debate there are plenty of interesting things to discuss!

Our Tuesday evenings have roughly the following layout:

19:30 – The first members turn up to chill at the bar
20:00 – First debate is announced
20:15 – First debate begins
21:00 – Second debate is announced
21:15 – Second debate begins
22:00 – Show debate with experienced members
22:30 – Rest of the evening follows at the bar until…
23:30 – … we go to a bar elsewhere

If you don’t want to debate, you don’t have to: you can watch or just chat at the bar!