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Social: Bona Volleyball

Sportpark Poelenburg Poelenburg 464, Zaandam

Thursday, April 1st, we will have our first real-life activity again! We are going to play beachvolleyball, accompied by two professional instructors, so If you've never played volleybal before you don't have to worry. The activity takes place in Zaandam…

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Social: Bona Beer Tasting!

On February the 20th at 8pm we are organizing an online beer tasting event for 5 euros. We will taste beers together on Discord and be our own expert critiques. We will also have fun games and activities! There is…

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Social: Bona Escape Room!

No sign-up required! Just show up on the Discord! Aanmelden is niet verplicht! Doe gewoon mee op onze Discord!