If you’re interested in improving your public speaking, learning to build an argument, and meeting students from across the world, ASDV Bonaparte may just be the place for you! We welcome new students at all times of year, to join the society and to come along to try out one of our Tuesday evenings. Whether you are new to debating or an experienced professional, we have workshops, courses, and regular weekly debates to suit you.

International students

International students are very welcome at Bonaparte: we conduct all of our meetings in both English and Dutch, and many of our regular members are international students from across Europe and the world. We hold English-language debates every Tuesday and our workshops our bilingual; the Netherlands also hosts plenty of English-language (“open”) tournaments.

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To come along to one of our weekly Tuesday meeting, simply let us know you’re interested by filling in the form below! Remember to check the homepage to for our weekly location.

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