The Amsterdam Student Debate Association Bonaparte was founded in 1998. Since then, Bonaparte has become the best debate association in not only Amsterdam, but the Netherlands too. Bonaparte is a lively association, in which each member determines what they want from their membership. Some members mainly come to debate, others just for socialising. We don’t have any hazing or mandatory attendance, but instead have committees in which you can quickly become active. It doesn’t matter what you study, which political party you identify with or whether you are a bachelor or master student, we would love to get to know you! Many activities are organised throughout the year, such as parties, dinners, movie nights, a gala and various debate tournaments.

You can also find more information about our society at the Studentenwegwijzer.

Every Tuesday evening we start at 7:30 PM in one of our two locations. Multiple debates are held on a variety of topics and in various debating formats. In the meantime, people who do not want to debate, judge, or watch can share a drink at the bar. If you want to come by you are very welcome, and feel free to report this in advance to our secretary to make sure that we know you are coming!

Once a month, on a Thursday evening, there is also the opportunity for participants to improve their debate skills. Experienced trainers deliver substantive courses and training sessions on these evenings to improve various debate skills and there is plenty of opportunity for practice for all participants involved. The combination of Tuesday and Thursday evenings also ensures that beginners can immediately improve their debate skills in a short time. This combination of intensive courses and chill evenings has proved successful, with Bonaparte scoring well in both national and international tournaments. We attend these tournaments regularly, and send nice contingents of members of mixed abilities so that everyone is given the opportunity to succeed, whether you are a serious competitive debater or just enjoy the debate atmosphere. Finally, Bonaparte is also responsible for the organisation of one of the largest national debate tournaments in the Netherlands and we regularly host the Dutch Nationals too.